Power your immune system

Nutrient injections with Dr. Darci Davis

Mondays in the 4th Floor Wellness Center

Looking to boost your immune system? WAC Naturopath Dr. Darci Davis can help! Make an appointment for an “Immunity enhancer” nutrient injection this Monday. The powerful combination includes zinc, B-12, B complex, and vitamin C.

Rather not get a shot? Dr. Davis can also consult on oral supplements and offer a shopping list of what to buy to help strengthen your immune system.

Dr. Davis is available in the 4th Floor Wellness Center from 10 am–3 pm every Monday. Her nutrient injections can also help with fatigue, muscle pain, memory fog, and other issues. These injections provide highly concentrated nutrients that can readily reach tissues and cells without being processed through the digestive tract.

“Properly tailored injections can help patients absorb nutrients and lead to noticeable benefits rather quickly,” Davis says.

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