Renewal begins with Wellness 360

It’s that time of year again when resolutions run rampant and headlines shout “New year, new you!”

By Mae Jacobson  |  Photos by Dave Estep

Making positive promises is all well and good, but what happens when they turn out to be hard to keep? How about this time around you take a different tack—New year, better you!

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your nutrition, relieve pain, or de-stress, our Wellness 360 program can help you integrate your goals and improve your lifestyle. For a little inspiration, we’ve gathered stories from three members who have entered, experienced and exited the program. After all, why reinvent the wheel when it only needs a little grease?!

Victor Huang

Victor Huang’s promotion to senior software development engineer came with a great sense of accomplishment and renewed goals. But, like any promotion, there
were some accompanying lifestyle adjustments, too. After a few months in his new position, Victor felt the physical effects of increased responsibilities and intensely long hours.

“My body was feeling bad and I wasn’t as bright or focused as I needed to be,” he says. “That was my trigger point—I realized that I needed to be healthier if I was going to continue to be successful.” Fortunately for Victor, he found Wellness 360.

Not unlike his professional promotion, the program presented challenges during its early days. Determining healthy eating options and how to use the gym were new concepts for Victor. Luckily, he had WAC Health Coach Eric Chen to help.

Learning how to create healthy meals quickly—and diving deeper into nutrition and the health benefits of food—helped Victor improve his diet while maintaining his professionally driven lifestyle. In addition, personal training with Eric gave him the confidence to use the gym and pool on his own.

“Starting training was hard,” Victor recalls. “Eric helped me build a recurring pattern that progressed in difficulty. Now that I know different exercises and things to do, I look forward to working out.”

With this new attitude came progress. Not only has Victor seen a 20-pound weight loss, but he’s also set new goals in and out of the gym. In addition to working toward building more muscle mass, Victor is excelling in his new position at work.

“I’m so much more alert,” he says. “That really helps me focus on day-to-day business dynamics and deliver my best work.”

Michelle Woods

As director of sales at KIRO 7, Michelle Woods travels the country with a regularity that made it difficult to maintain her health. After attending a weeklong spa and wellness retreat, Michelle realized she needed a more sustainable solution. Wellness 360 fit the bill perfectly.

“I needed something better than a quick fix,” she says. While doing a deep dive into the program in October of 2018, Michelle discovered the extent of Wellness 360’s offerings—meal planning services from Health Coach Eric Chen help her eat well despite long work hours, and a customized training plan from personal trainer Mona Caravetta allows for workouts not only at the WAC but also inside hotel rooms during frequent cross-country travel.

“The program provides tools that I can use long term anywhere and at any point of my life,” Michelle says.

More important, Wellness 360 has helped her measure wellness in a new way. “I’m very competitive, and I was looking at my health as a win or lose scenario,” Michelle says. “Stress relief through massage and meditation, regaining mobility through exercise, the detailed results of my body composition measurements—all those things have become my new metrics of success.”

Of course, she still peeks at the scale from time to time. “I lost and kept off the same 10 pounds I’ve been fighting for the last four years,” she says.

Her Wellness 360 success also led to a new attitude about health. “I am much more kind to myself after Wellness 360,” she says. “I don’t feel like there’s a ‘start’ and ‘finish’ to the program. It’s a way of life.”

Jaslyn Zhang

After graduating Duke University in 2017, Jaslyn Zhang moved to Seattle, where she landed a job writing code. But holdover college habits—overindulgence and late nights—combined with the stress of being the only young woman on her team led to a less-than-healthy lifestyle. When Jaslyn was invited to a wedding in her native China, she knew she had to make some changes.

“I wanted to look my best before seeing some people for the first time in nearly 10 years,” Jaslyn explains. “Especially since the next time we’re together might be 10 more years. It was important to me for people to remember me at my best.”

The comprehensive offerings of Wellness 360 helped Jaslyn achieve that goal and more. With advice from Health Coach Eric Chen, Jaslyn discovered nutritious alternatives that fit well within her traditional Chinese diet that tended to be high in carbohydrates, such as rice and noodles.

“Eric understood just how to eliminate the toxic foods and replace them with healthier recipes,” Jaslyn says. “I’m basically still eating the same cuisine but in a better way.”

In addition, personal training sessions with Laura Heydrich helped her increase her fitness and lose weight, boosting her personal confidence on the 4th Floor and outside of the Club.

“I feel so much more positive about life,” she says. “I grew up a lot during Wellness 360.”

Nowadays, Jaslyn has regular training sessions with Laura and often attends morning group fitness classes. She also practices meditation daily and relieves lower back and shoulder pain with a series of exercises that Eric taught her.

“Honestly, I tend to give up on things pretty easily,” Jaslyn says. “Wellness 360 brought routine and organization to my life and made me feel so much more stable. Now that I have a regular schedule, it’s just part of what I do.”

Wellness Chart

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As published in the January/February 2019 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted December 28, 2018

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