Roaring into town

The Blue Angels return to Seattle—and the WAC—this August.

By Mae Jacobson, WAC Associate Editor

With their engines blaring and their wingtips nearly touching, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels return to the Seattle skies this August. Their familiar roar marks a summer highlight for many Seattleites—and many WAC members.

While the pilots are practicing over Lake Washington and skirting the edges of downtown in their Boeing F/A-18 Hornets, their families can be found enjoying the WAC facilities and hospitality. The Inn at the WAC has served as the Seattle landing pad of the Blue Angels pilots, crew, and families since 2000, and the WAC has put on a Lake Washington cruise for family members of the aerial demonstration team since 1998.

“Being the Seattle home for the Blue Angels and their families is a two-decade tradition of which the WAC is very proud,” WAC President & CEO Chuck Nelson says. “Everyone looks forward to seeing the flight team’s vibrant blue flight suits in the Clubhouse.”

Flying as close as 18 inches from each other, the squadron’s six fighter jets wow crowds across Puget Sound each summer with precision maneuvers and awe-inspiring airborne acrobatics during the Boeing Seafair Air Show.

If you attend this year’s show, set for Saturday–Sunday, August 5–6, prepare for a neck cramp (you’ll be staring skyward) and bring ear plugs (did we mention they’re loud?).

During the Saturday show, Blue Angels’ family members will sail aboard the Lady Mary for the annual WAC-sponsored Blue Angels Cruise on Lake Washington. Former team pilots Denny Sapp and Jim Horsley will also attend and provide color commentary on the show. A group of WAC member leaders will mingle and provide the hospitality.

“There is a great energy and a sense of honor for us in supporting these inspirational men and women,” Chuck says. “The WAC is a huge supporter of Seafair, and we’re thrilled to once again welcome the Navy’s premier pilots.”

WAC members will find it easy to spot the pilots and crew around the Clubhouse during the first week of August. The team arrives a few days before the airshow to begin practicing.
That week will also provide a chance to watch some of the informal airshows that take place off the downtown skyline in the days leading up to the main event. Just listen for the roar!

As published in the July/August 2017 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted on July 10, 2017

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