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Go the distance with the Club’s new triathlon coaches

When Teresa Webb picked up triathlon training in 2001 following a collegiate swimming career, a lack of guidance and resources had her feeling lost.“I realized there was so much missing and wanted to make this sport more accessible to everyone,” says Teresa, who founded TN Multisports and has completed three Ironman triathlons and more than 10 half-Ironmans since making the switch from full-time swimmer.“I didn’t have a business plan or big vision. I just wanted to help athletes and make their journeys a bit easier than it was for me.” Mark Webb was also finding his bearings as a triathlete, having switched from baseball and golf, when he met Teresa in 2007.“I completed my first Ironman race with no guidance in 2006,” Mark recalls. After starting to train with Teresa, he had an epiphany. “I realized I could actually be decent at this,” he says. “I ended up shaving two hours off my race time in my next Ironman two years later.”

The duo married in 2010 and have established themselves as prolific coaches for Seattle-area triathletes. This spring, they officially joined the WAC as the Club’s new triathlon coaches, taking over a strong program that consistently sees athletes place high in the age-group standings at races around the country.

“Like the WAC, we thrive when guiding and supporting athletes in their goals,” Mark says. “Everything about partnering with the WAC will just multiply all the fun to be had with training, racing, and building friendships.”

While triathlon coaching is Teresa and Mark’s calling card, they also offer single-sport training for swimming, biking, and running. In fact, they both competed in the 2022 Boston Marathon—the fourth in a row for Mark and Teresa’s first.

“We had the most perfect day with great weather, and everything they say about the race is true,” Teresa says. “The crowds literally lift your feet off the ground. It was an epic day!”

Teresa and Mark will also lead Tri/Cycle Club workouts this summer. “New coaches bring fresh ideas, training methods, and strategies,” WAC Fitness Programs Manager George Sommerrock says.“Having Mark and Teresa lead our athletes in improving their performance is exciting!”

Not only do Teresa and Mark strive to help WAC members improve physically, but they also love watching people achieve goals and connect with others. “Nothing makes us smile more than seeing an athlete accomplish something new—small or big,” Mark says. “We’re looking forward to seeing the strong bonds formed between fellow WAC athletes.”

As published in the July/August 2022 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted July 6, 2022

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