From sea to shining … grill

This summer, seafood is the star on the barbecue.

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By Eric Floyd, WAC Executive Chef

Nothing in the culinary world evokes more passion in me than barbecue. This year at the WAC, our barbecue specials will land on our menus in July and August. The timing is perfect! Nothing says summertime quite as well as slow-smoked meats and seafood.

Our traditional barbecue specials will sizzle all summer long. We’re also adding some new dishes built around seafood, starting with Northwest royalty—wild Alaska king salmon. When smoking salmon, my go-to choice is alderwood. These planks work wonderfully in our large cook shack smoker and deliver a woody taste native to the region.

We’ll also be preparing diver scallops from Boston. These beauties are wonderfully sweet. Touched with a bit of applewood smoke, they melt in your mouth. Meanwhile, our Alaska calamari, served with tamarind and grilled pineapple, will spike your taste buds with their combination of tenderness and spice.

Then there’s the shellfish! Northwest clams and mussels can’t be beat. We smoke these ocean jewels with cedar and then toss them in house-smoked butter, boatloads of fresh herbs, and perfectly roasted peppers.

But I saved the best for last. This year, we’ll feature different variations of oysters, each cracked, loaded with herb butter, and grilled over the open flame. Topped with some spicy tobiko (flying fish caviar) and micro-greens, this is one of my all-time seafood favorites.

I hope to see you trolling the WAC restaurants soon.

As published in the July/August issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted July 7, 2018

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