Seattle scenes

The light and life of Ann Duffy’s work

Take a walk through the WAC’s Grand Staircase Gallery and you might recognize a familiar Seattle street or sun-soaked Skagit Valley scene. Our currently featured artist, realist painter Ann Duffy, captures everyday views with a striking eye for light and formal composition.

Seattle-based Duffy blends subtly abstract components with high detail and true-to-life color. The results are splendid yet familiar—a glimpse of snow-capped Mount Rainier, the glow of the Pike Place Market sign, a long line of cars merging onto I-5 under the hot summer sun. Her immense skill is apparent in the technical rendering of each scene. After all, she has been painting West Coast cities for two decades.

Duffy’s work has been shown at the Seattle Art Museum, SFMOMA Artists Gallery in San Francisco, and the George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles, among others. Her paintings will be on exhibit through the end of September. Stop by before then to admire this artist’s innate ability to capture the quiet moments we share with our local landscapes.

As published in the September/October 2017 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted September 12, 2017

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