All-Star Mick Newell

Members make the difference

A native of Northeast Seattle, Mick Newell learned about the WAC from his father and aunt, who remembered going to the Club with their dad long before Mick was born. After graduating from Gonzaga University, Mick moved downtown with friend Alex Korbonits, who reintroduced him to the Club. Mick joined in 2012, in part to participate with the Masters Swim Team, an activity he still does today. As the property manager of Union Square, Mick enjoys the luxury of working across the street from the WAC. This ease of access—and the fact that many of his tenants are members—made the decision to join even more advantageous to his health and career. “It’s a casual environment that allows for close networking,” he says. “I love belonging to the Club. The WAC can be whatever you make it!”

As published in the November/December issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted November 10, 2018

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