All-Star Reid Truitt

Members make a difference

Seattle native Reid Truitt grew up coming to the Club with his dad, Jim. From Father Son events to playing with family friends, Reid has plenty of happy childhood memories at the WAC. So it was an easy decision for him to join the Club after graduating college and to recommend membership to others. As an adult, Reid enjoys the Club in a new way. “Lunchtime workouts, Monday night round robin on the squash courts, and steam room sessions are my favorites,” Reid says. “The Club is especially great on winter evenings when it gets dark so early.” Reid also enjoys the perks of membership while on the road for work. Reciprocal club access makes it easy for him to find somewhere to stay across the country. Recent favorites include the Columbia Club in Indianapolis and the Denver Athletic Club.

As published in the January/February 2019 issue of WAC

—Posted January 7, 2019

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