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By Maureen Fellez, Director of Fitness & Wellness | Jenn Repp Photography

As a veteran fitness professional, I believe in the power of personal training for everybody—and every body! If you want to build stamina, improve sport performance, or simply look better in (and out) of your clothes, the solution can be found with personal training.

The WAC is a club that lives and breathes athletics, and our personal trainers are a mainstay in many of our members’ lives for very good reasons. WAC personal trainers offer real help in facing challenges and reaching goals—and not having to do it alone. They know about special needs, such as joint replacements, chronic disease, and sport-specific training. And they add accountability, provide clarity, and build confidence.

I often talk with members who have discovered the many benefits of personal training. Here are three of my favorite success stories. I hope they inspire you to harness the power of a WAC personal trainer.

Ed Curtis

Over 15 years ago, member Ed Curtis took the advice of his physical therapist and enlisted the help of a WAC personal trainer. His mobility issues needed additional attention, and a trainer was perfect to pick up treatment where physical therapy left off.

Right away, Ed received expert guidance that helped him through his challenges. He quickly became hooked on regular training. He could feel the benefits not only during his sessions but also throughout his daily routine.

Ed has changed trainers through the years. His current trainer, Darrick Kung, created a well-rounded program that challenges Ed—who is much healthier and fitter than he was 15 years ago—with body-weight strength and power exercises.

One of Ed’s milestones was doing unassisted pull-ups. Another came during a family trip to Hawaii. “We were out paddleboarding when one of my sons commented to his brother, ‘Look, dad actually has a six-pack.’”

Beyond visible improvements, Ed most values the practical changes brought through personal training. “I never worry about pushing myself too hard now,” he says. “I feel like I’m prepared for pretty much anything. I hate to think of where I’d be in terms of mobility without regular training.”

Marie Nisbet

Marie Nisbet considers time with her trainer as something to look forward to. For her, it’s more than just an exercise session. With a busy travel schedule to attend college sporting events with her husband, Colin, and a recent Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, Marie makes training a personal priority. Her workouts often focus on improving her quality of life and managing the effects of Parkinson’s.

“It always comes with an element of fun,” Marie says. Her training sessions occur three times a week and often home in on movement quality, balance, strength, and range of motion.

To supplement trainer-led workouts, Marie also rides a stationary recumbent bike, which helps maintain her energy and stamina. Research has shown positive cognitive effects of bike riding for Parkinson’s patients.

Unsure if she could stick to a fitness routine, Marie began personal training years ago as a way to motivate herself. Her trainer also uses their sessions as a confidence-booster. After each session, Marie says she feels better and moves better.“What used to be drudgery is now fun,” she says.

Eli Savitt

Eli Savitt was a young athlete who realized the benefits of personal training to build the foundational strength needed for tennis and baseball. As a young teen who was sports-driven, Eli was proactive about scheduling regular training sessions.

As Eli’s training progressed, his trainer, Scott Spraggins, reacted to his changing needs as an adolescent athlete. In high school, Eli experienced a spinal injury. In response, his trainer altered his routine and gave him the encouragement and support he needed to persevere and the discipline to be patient in his recovery.

Eli made tremendous strides following his injury and has since begun attending and playing baseball for Union College in upstate New York, where he is a freshman center fielder.

“Scotty’s supervision and lifting plan is one of the main reasons I’m in the position I am today,” Eli says. “I feel better now than before the injury. Personal training helped me out tremendously.”

Meet the team

The WAC personal training team offers a wide range of expertise. Members of the team have been competitive figure skaters, bodybuilders, and collegiate athletes. Whatever your goals, a WAC trainer can help you get there. Our trainers have degrees in exercise science and related fields and are certified by various organizations, including the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. All trainers are available by appointment.

As published in the January/February 2020 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted December 20, 2019


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