Sun smarts for summer

Go beyond the SPF.

By Constance Dorgan, WAC Aesthetician

With the temperature already rising above 80 degrees this May, it’s once again sunscreen season. You can take some simple steps to keep your skin looking great. During the past few years, you’ve likely seen sunblocks and sunscreens claiming SPFs up to 100. Don’t be fooled! You only need a high-quality sunblock with SPF 30 to provide 97 percent protection from UVB rays—the kind that burn your skin.

**Learn more about UVA vs. UVB rays here.**

Protecting yourself from the sun can help ward off brown spots and discoloration, both of which are easy to prevent but much more difficult to correct. UVB rays are the ones that cause burns, which we all know are not good for our skin. The negative effects of UVA rays appear over a longer period of time. UVA rays activate receptors that produce enzymes that break down collagen at a higher rate than normal aging. This contributes to sagging skin as well as the appearance of wrinkles. UVA rays can also cause red facial veins and can contribute to red blotchiness.

**Learn about the difference between sunblock and sunscreen here**

Choosing sun-protection products that also include proven anti-aging ingredients can deliver big benefits. Many of the products available from the Spa at the WAC are made with skin-calming botanicals and polypeptides, which can help your skin recover from sun exposure.

Some of the Spa’s more popular products include:

  • Pevonia Tinted YouthRenew, SPF 30
  • Pevonia Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection, SPF 30
  • SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense, SPF 30
  • SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense, SPF 50

**You can order these products using the Spa at the WAC’s online order form.**

The Spa’s corrective and clinical treatments can take your sun recovery a step further by helping eliminate fine lines, uneven skin, and surface pigmentation issues. When the Spa at the WAC reopens following the statewide closure related to COVID-19, swing by on the 4th Floor to make an appointment. Or email

Updated May 2020; originally published in April 2018, DM.

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