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Holiday gift is members’ way of saying thanks

By Lisa Noji, HR & Benefits Committee Chair

This is a wonderful time of year. Many of us gather our friends and families together to celebrate the season. Many more of us take this time to contemplate the past year and make plans for the upcoming year. I take time during this joyful season to reflect upon how grateful I am for all those who surround, support and inspire me.

The team members here at the WAC truly make this place very special. They are the quiet force that makes the Washington Athletic Club the place to go for all our needs in downtown Seattle. They are an amazing group of individuals dedicated to enriching our quality of life every day.

Many team members say the WAC feels like family and spend their entire careers here. This feeling of family is also why, when positions become available around the Club, many team members refer their relatives. One could say that besides feeling like family, it is family.

The Team Member Appreciation Fund is a long-standing tradition at the WAC. This month you will see $45 on your monthly statement that is earmarked for our annual team member gift, given each December. This is a suggested amount. Of course, you are certainly free to increase it if you like!

The Team Member Appreciation Fund is so important to the people who serve us each and every day. For many team members, it is the difference between having enough to go around or almost enough.

Through the years, we have heard many team members speak about how they share their gift. Many pass it on, contributing to the causes that are dear to them. Others treat their family to a special gift or send it home to relatives in need. Some just save it for the future.

I hope your holidays are filled with great food, much fun, and lots of laughter. I also hope that when your bill arrives this month you’ll take a moment to think about the many touchpoints, big and small, you’ve had with WAC team members this past year.

Thank you in advance for your generosity to these wonderful people who take such great care of us every day.

Happy holidays!

As published in the November/December 2016 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted November 15, 2016

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