The art of interaction

‘Connections’ by Carol Trice graces the Grand Staircase Gallery

Artist and WAC member Carol Trice specializes in textiles. Her “Connections” series, on display in the Grand Staircase Gallery through March, explores hatch mark motifs made from torn strips of black fabric sewn onto cloth backgrounds. The contrast between softly draped fabric and bold monochromatic black lines brings a complexity to Carol’s work that is emphasized by her use of differently hued threads. “Connections” explores the facets of human interaction through intersection and proximity. Lines cluster, cross and intertwine to imply intimacy. Heated conversations come in the form of frenzied dashes and sharply sliced angles. Sometimes, the lines never touch, leaving negative space indicative of a polite, casual exchange. Two pieces from the series—“Connections #2” and “Connections #3”—received national recognition at Quilts=Art=Quilts, an international juried quilt exhibition held in Albany, New York. Carol’s work also has been displayed at Quilt National, one of the world’s premier textile art shows.

As published in the January/February 2020 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted December 20, 2019

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