The life aquatic

Experience the lasting benefits of in-water fitness

Tamra Sherwood, Aquatics & Junior Programs Manager

Swimming is for everybody! But only a small percentage of WAC members use Helene Madison Pool on a regular basis. This got me thinking about ways to get more members to the pool more often. After all, the mental and physical health benefits of swimming are something everyone should experience.

In response, I’ve spent much of the past year working to restructure the WAC’s extensive aquatic offerings. Don’t worry! Your favorite water fitness class isn’t going anywhere. Instead, it’s simply becoming integrated into a more holistic program that offers an obvious progression for swimmers of all ages. From parent-tot classes to underwater video stroke analysis, the WAC offers so many ways to use the 6th Floor pool.

Whether you’re learning to love the water or you’re already a seasoned swimmer, take a look at the handy flowchart below. It should help you discover how to fine-tune your skills and introduce you to the next step in your aquatic journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to find me at the pool.

—Tamra Sherwood is Aquatics & Junior Programs Manager at the WAC. Reach her at or swing by Helene Madison Pool on the 6th Floor. Learn more about what’s happening at the pool, below, and at


























As published in the September/October 2019 issue of WAC Magazine. Top photo by John Bang.

—Posted August 28, 2019