Traveling? Tap your right brain!

Creative travel

Your next vacation offers an ideal opportunity to spend some time improving your mental health. We’re not talking about a weeklong therapy retreat—though, on second thought, that sounds kind of great. Instead, we’re talking about tapping your right brain by making space to slow down, relax, and create.

Here are five ideas to try on your next trip. (Hint: These activities can be done during business travel, too!)



When we draw, we don’t just think visually. The act of sketching can turn off the stresses of daily life and focus your attention on a singular thing. Sounds nice, right? Drawing also helps develop spatial understanding and creates perspective. In a world of phone photos and Instagram, drawing represents a much-needed pumping of the mental brakes.



Writing can help you reduce stress and manage anxiety. Journaling allows us to share our inner thoughts in a safe way—without fear of what others might think—while creative writing is linked to improved mood and increased imagination. Count us in!



Yes, reading makes you smarter. It also improves memory and helps us sleep better. And who doesn’t want—heck, need—a little extra sleep while traveling? Some studies show that reading might even fight off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 


Visit a museum

To experience the full mental benefits of your next visit to a museum or art gallery, just slow down. Research shows that cultivating our interests in
effortless ways—like looking at a painting, for example—can clear our minds, reduce irritability, and restore focus. 


Take pictures

Photography offers a fantastic form of self-expression, which is pretty much the opposite of professional life, if you know what we mean. It can also increase our enjoyment of an experience—like travel, for example—and help us remember just how much fun that trip really was!

As published in the March/April 2019 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted March 3, 2019

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