‘Two Goats’ go the distance to save Glacier Park

How do you keep an 11-year-old granddaughter entertained in the summer? If you’re WAC member Kay Knapton, you take her camping and hiking—and then encourage her to help address climate change issues by volunteering to hike 50 miles in four days through Glacier National Park!

Kay was a young woman herself when she worked for the Great Northern Railway, whose iconic symbol was “Rocky the Great Northern Goat.” Now, Kay and her granddaughter Olivia Secord call themselves the Young Goat (age 11) and Old Goat (age 81).  They are determined to take steps—100,000 to be precise—to help address the effects of climate change, support conservation in Glacier National Park, and add another adventure to their bucket of shared experiences.

Kay grew up in Whitefish, Montana, and has since seen many changes take place in Glacier National Park—increased visitors, dwindling glaciers, devastating forest fires, and more. The Old Goat has hiked worldwide for over 30 years. Kay’s granddaughter, the Young Goat, started hiking at age three and has trekked a two-mile 1000-foot-elevation trail outside Seattle nearly every year since.

“I’m excited to share this adventure with my granddaughter, to be able to introduce her to the beauty of Glacier Park, and to give her a very real way to take steps to combat climate change,” Kay says. “When I was [Olivia’s] age and lived in Whitefish, I studied a map of the Park and found a trail that led to Sperry Glacier. I told my dad I wanted to hike that trail; he laughed and said it was probably too difficult for me. Times have changed and now I say: ‘Girls can do anything!’”

The Young Goat and Old Goat have raised nearly $8,000 for Climate Hike Glacier, with funds to be directed to Glacier Park Conservancy to provide a safer future for people and the planet, while protecting Glacier Park’s glories.

You are invited to support their hike with a tax-deductible donation. To donate, go to climateride.org and in the “Support a Participant” search bar, search for either Kay Knapton or Olivia Secord.

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