Welcoming new CFO Michael O’Brien

After most recently working in New Hampshire, new WAC Chief Financial Officer Michael O’Brien and his family are glad to be back in Seattle, where Michael was born and raised. A Pacific Northwesterner through and through, Michael grew up in Renton, attended Western Washington University, and earned his graduate degree at Seattle University.

“It was definitely an adventure and opportunity to see a lot of the history of the New England states,” Michael says of his family’s time in New Hampshire.

Michael makes the move back to Seattle with wife Tracy and their three kids, ages 11–15. In Seattle, Michael previously served as CFO at several well-known Washington companies, including Pyramid Brewing and Jones Soda. “These companies share one common trait—team members who love what they do,” he says. “That describes me, as well.”

While in New England, Michael most missed Seahawks games, good teriyaki, and, believe it or not, Seattle weather! “The New Hampshire weather was fairly extreme,” he says. “Lots of snow, but very tiny hills for skiing, and rain coming down like it’s angry.”

Along with skiing, hiking, and spending time with family and friends, Michael is also an avid pinball player. “Some may say I’m a ‘pinball wizard,’ but I’ll just stick with pretty decent,” he says.

Michael replaces Paul Lowber, who retired on August 6 following 18 years as WAC CFO. “I’m honored to be a part of providing the best private club experience available,” Michael says.

As CFO, Michael oversees the Club’s finances as well as the Accounting and IT departments. “I am looking forward to continuing the traditions of the WAC with excellence, integrity and service,”
he says.

Welcome, Michael!

As published in the September/October 2021 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted August 27, 2021

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