Member to Member: David Donovick

Gifting employees WAC membership: For this Membership All-Star, fitness is company business

By Madelyn Reese

WAC member David Donovick left a job at Microsoft a year and a half ago to pursue his goal of helping people live healthier lives. He ended up co-founding Pivotal Living, which produces a wearable fitness tracker that is free with a $12 yearly subscription to the accompanying smartphone application. Donovick’s wearable attracted media attention from publications such as USA Today, GeekWire, Fast Company, and BuzzFeed.

It’s been a busy time for David, a Gonzaga alum who graduated as a triple major in finance, international business, and marketing. Luckily, the Pivotal Living offices are just two blocks from the WAC, making workout breaks hard to skip.

“For someone who is on the road a lot, it’s nice to come home to the Club,” he says. “I like to decompress in the pool and steam room.”

David has been a WAC member since childhood. He likes to point out that his mom was one of his first workout partners.

“I’m a Seattleite born and raised,” he says. He’s moved away from the city three different times, including once to Europe, but always comes back. His passion for the Club extends to his full-time employees, each of whom receives a WAC membership.

“Everyone does spin and boot camp classes,” he says. “It’s been great for team morale.”

David sponsored four new WAC members during the 2014–2015 fiscal year, earning a spot on the Club Membership All-Star team. Offering employees WAC membership also makes a statement about Pivotal Living’s focus on healthy lifestyles.

“Everyone defines fitness differently,” David says. “For me, it’s not really about what you do; it’s not just a physical exercise, it’s a mental exercise. It transcends mind, body and spirit.”

As published in the January/February 2016 issue of WAC Magazine.



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