Member to Member: Blake Harris

Shooting hoops and staying fit.

For this Membership All-Star, fitness comes first.

By Madelyn Reese

Blake Harris has a goal—to live late into life and to do it actively. This keeps Blake motivated to work out and stay fit. Conveniently, the WAC’s top-notch facilities and competitive basketball league allow Blake to work toward his goal with relative ease.

First and foremost, Blake joined the WAC for basketball. “I heard that the basketball league is the best and most competitive in the entire city, and after playing in it the last two seasons, I would agree,” he says.

The league has 14 regular season games, playoffs, and practices four nights a week in the 8th Floor gym. It’s a commitment that Blake and hundreds of others have made to play their favorite sport at a high level.

Blake joined the WAC in February 2014 and started referring friends almost right away. Last year, he sponsored three members and joined the 2014–2015 Membership All-Star team. “I wanted to let them know about the benefits of the WAC,”  Blake says. “They’re all friends that I’m very close with.”

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Blake is vice president of client solutions at Fierce Inc., a global leadership development firm that specializes in helping companies build positive and collaborative corporate cultures.

“I enjoy working with clients and actually being able to do a job where we can see change and growth through our consulting work,” Blake says.

Blake also enjoys travel. Two years ago, he and his wife went on a 22-day trip around Europe, visiting London, Rome, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Munich. For their honeymoon, the couple traveled to Dubai and Greece.

As he looks ahead, Blake is eyeing the WAC’s reciprocal clubs. “That is another advantage of WAC membership,” he says.

From the basketball league to the global community created through a network of reciprocal clubs, the WAC is dedicated to keeping members like Blake healthy and happy—at home and abroad.

As published in the March/April 2016 issue of WAC Magazine.

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