Membership All-Star: Ron Emerson

Passing along a WAC legacy.

For this Membership All-Star, the Club is home during ’Hawks home games.

By Madelyn Reese

Every autumn, Ron Emerson drives from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia, to Seattle and checks in at the Inn at the WAC. The nonresident WAC member spends the weekend golfing and catching a Seahawks game at CenturyLink Field. It’s a ritual he’s continued since 2008—the year he joined the WAC.

“From the moment we step out of the car, to the moment we leave, everyone is amazing,” Ron says about the WAC staff. “From the valet, to the front desk, to the bar—we always look forward to our mini holiday.”

Ron so enjoys the WAC that he sponsored three new members into the Club during the 2014–2015 fiscal year, becoming one of 20 inaugural Membership All-Stars. Two of those new members are Ron’s sons, Ron Jr. and Danny. His daughter, Kirby, also enjoys visiting Seattle and attending a Seahawks game every year with her father.

“My sons love coming to the games and really enjoy staying at the WAC for all the same reasons I like it,” Ron says. “They enjoy the friendly atmosphere and love using all of the fitness and wellness facilities.”

His wife and daughter feel the same way, he says, and having a comfortable place they know and love makes regular visits to Seattle that much more enjoyable.

Ron moved to the U.S. from Australia in 1973. He spent time in Seattle, Mexico, and Canada before settling in Vancouver. He started his company, Emerson Real Estate Group, there in 1994.

Seattle has been a big part of Ron’s life ever since his first visit to the city. As an NFL football fan, he bought Seahawks season tickets back when they played in the Kingdome. “I dropped my season tickets, but eventually got them again in 2006.”

Ron drives down to Seattle for most home games. The Inn at the WAC provides a no-maintenance pied-à-terre as well as other perks. “We love staying at the WAC,” Ron says. “It’s like coming home.”

—As published in the November/December 2015 issue of WAC Magazine.

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