Yes, you can age better!

Our Functional Aging Specialists offer key insights for older adults

No one can stop the aging process. What we can do is affect how we age. For many adults ages 55 and over, staying active, healthy and fit in their later years is paramount. The choices we make about food and lifestyle go a long way toward determining our quality of life. As you age, it’s also important to adjust your fitness routine appropriately to make sure it provides you the best benefit with the lowest chance of injury.

These WAC personal trainers recently earned their Functional Aging Specialist certification, equipping each of them to provide expert advice to middle-aged and older adults. By developing and sticking with an effective exercise program built specifically on your personal needs, these trainers can quite literally improve your quality of life. Their unique insights into functional training strategies can help you establish better habits and life quality—whether you are preparing to retire, actively retired already, or just feeling the years creeping up.

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Meet the personal training team 3Amanda Schneider

Amanda applies her experience in sport to WAC members who are actively aging, especially those who enjoy athletic endeavors. Her deep understanding of strength, mobility and balance keeps her clients energized and enjoying recreational and competitive sports at all ages.


Meet the personal training team 2

Mona Caravetta

Mona has a long-standing relationship with the WAC’s active aging population. She is an expert in training pre- and post-rehab clients. She is also well-versed in developing programs for functional strength aimed at injury prevention and improved performance in sport and daily living.



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