Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Your future health and well-being hinges on what you do today and tomorrow

Wellness is a mindset—a personal philosophy to live by that provides the basis for our longevity, happiness and quality of life. It’s about being proactive about your health and recapturing your vitality. Years ago we adopted this idea, deciding we needed to do something to help you achieve these goals. So, we built our Wellness Center and filled it with experts and thoughtful programs designed to magnify your mind, lift your spirit and energize your body.

Meet our Fitness Concierge, Wellness Manager Tamela Thomas. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Tamela can help you navigate the WAC’s breadth of options and guide you to the right programs and services.

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4th Floor




8 am–5 pm
Friday 8 am–3 pm