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Metabolic Testing

Whether you’re looking to maximize the effectiveness of your workout time or lose weight, understanding your unique metabolic profile is the first step. Our metabolic testing program can discover the “science of you.” Learn more in our 20-minute complimentary consultation. Contact us today to make your appointment.

Metabolic Exercise Test (MET)

This test measures your body’s specific physiological response to exercise. As you breathe into the metabolic testing apparatus while working out on your preferred type of cardio equipment, it monitors your oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production and heart rate. The data show how your body uses different fuels at various workloads. You will learn two important pieces of information from the test: the heart rate at which your body burns the most fat and the heart rate at which your body burns the most calories. Members may choose to use this information at face value and monitor their heart rate to achieve maximum fat or caloric burn. But the ultimate step is to change your physiology, using the eight-week zone training program you receive after the MET. The program will signal and train your body to be a better fat burner or to increase overall physical fitness.

  • MET: $200, Retest only: $160; Combine MET with Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment (below): $375; Add a heart rate monitor: $475 ; By appointment only*

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Assessment

This test determines the number of calories per day your body needs to maintain its current self. By measuring oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, this test determines the percentage of calories you burn as fat versus carbohydrates. If you know your RMR, you can adjust your daily caloric input (diet) and output (exercise) to the exact caloric number that will allow you to either lose or maintain weight. Members who want to improve their body’s ability to use fat as a primary fuel can participate in a metabolic exercise test (MET).

  • RMR: $200, Retest only: $160; Combine RMR with MET (above): $375; Add a heart rate monitor: $475 ; By appointment only*; One full business day cancellation required
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