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About Shana Hopkins
Shana Hopkins, MS, CN, has served as the WAC’s nutritionist since 1999 where she has taught and empowered members to make smart choices, lose weight, and get healthy. Shana holds her master’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr University. She completed her graduate work through Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Women’s Health Initiative. She is a certified nutritionist in the state of Washington. At the WAC, Shana counsels members on dietary change and makes supplement suggestions that will assist them in achieving their health goals. Her primary focus is to help clients achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss while overcoming metabolic resistance. She also facilitates group nutrition programs, including the “Why Weight?” and “Detox & Cleanse” programs. Shana believes in coaching clients to make gradual changes over time so that new ways of eating become lifelong habits. She is one nutritionist who won’t take the pleasure out of eating!

Nutrition Services
How we choose to fuel our bodies sets the tone for our physical and mental health. We’ll help retrain your taste buds to feed your soul and your brain. Shana Hopkins, MS, WAC Nutritionist, will work with you to discuss what healthy dietary strategies you can implement in your life. Shana believes in education that is nurturing, encouraging and enlightening.

Individualized Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling works one-on-one with members, addressing present diet and health concerns. The counseling includes a review of diet and health history followed by suggestions for nutritional changes and interventions that will help you reach your goals. Dietary analysis, food plans and customized supplement programs are implemented as needed.

  • Registration/Info: 206.839.4782

Initial Nutritional Evaluation

Includes a thorough evaluation of your nutritional health history and a review of your diet diary. The evaluation addresses any diet, health and lifestyle concerns. You will establish nutritional goals and receive meal suggestions, a grocery list and educational materials that support your goals.

  • $172

Follow-Up Consultations

Follow-up visits address the concerns determined in your initial visit. Your nutritionist will evaluate your progress through client feedback, measurements and diet diary analysis. This is a perfect time to ask questions and get ideas for weekly challenges.

  • $119

Mini Follow-Up Consultation

Mini follow-ups help keep you on a healthy track with a diet diary review and progress check.

  • $67

The Family Package

Designed for couples or families who wish to receive nutritional counseling together, as well as for parents concerned about their child’s nutrition, this package focuses on strategies and ideas to help make eating fun and healthy. Includes four hours of consultation over the course of three sessions.

  • $452

Manage Your Cholesterol

Find out how you can keep your cholesterol in a healthy range through diet and supplementation. You will learn a lifestyle-friendly, heart-healthy way to eat that won’t leave you feeling deprived. Includes a thorough nutritional evaluation, Segmental Body Fat Analysis, food and snack ideas, a grocery list, research into your condition and coaching for three sessions.

  • $430

Segmental Body Fat Analysis

We can measure your body fat percentage, thanks to a professional-grade segmental bioimpedance analyzer. Using eight-point tactile electrode technology instead of the empirical estimates of most bioimpedance machines, this analyzer provides more accurate results. The analyzer measures weight, fat mass, lean body mass, body fat percentage, intracellular water, extracellular water and total body water. This is a great way to monitor your progress over time.

  • $42; By appointment; One full business day cancellation required; Registration/Info: 206.839.4782

Shopping for Good Health

Take the confusion out of buying healthy food. Meet at a natural foods store and learn what foods can fit into a busy lifestyle without blowing your diet. Learn how to read food labels and assess nutrient content to get new and tasty eating ideas!

  • $172; By appointment; One full business day cancellation required; Registration/Info: 206.839.4782

Individualized Detox & Cleanse

Feeling sluggish and weighed down? Make a commitment to your health through a personalized detox and cleanse program. This four-week intense dietary program is designed to give your body the optimal nutrition it needs to clean house through proper food choices and liver-supporting supplemental shakes. You will be instructed on how to prepare and eat a diet high in clean, lean proteins, and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, while taking out foods that weigh your body down, like heavy fats, sugars, and alcohol. You will finish the four weeks feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and more energetic. Includes individual consultation, body fat analysis, supporting materials and supplementation.

  • $333 plus cost of nutritional supplementation; Information: 206.839.4782

Weight Loss Coaching

Initial Metabolic Evaluation and Intensive Follow-Up
At the beginning of this package, you will have your body fat percentage determined with a professional grade, high-frequency body fat analyzer. Girth measurements are also taken. Then a nutritional evaluation with the nutritionist determines the areas of concern in your diet, health, and lifestyle. You leave your first visit with a meal plan, snack ideas, and a grocery list. Meet weekly with the nutritionist to address your areas of weight loss resistance and learn how to build a healthy diet that fits your lifestyle and allows your body to permanently lose weight. Weekly visits include taking measurements, evaluating your diet and implementing individualized protocols and behavior modification plans for success. Your body fat and measurements are reassessed at the end of the program to show success.

  • Two segmental body fat analyses
  • Initial nutritional evaluation
  • Meal plan, snack ideas, grocery list
  • Weekly follow-up consultations (4)
  • Personal nutrition binder
  • Email support
  • $695; By appointment: 206.839.4782 or shopkins@wac.net


Taking nutritional supplements is a way to ensure that your body has the necessary levels of nutrients for optimal health as well as important disease prevention. Most importantly, nutritional supplements provide the vital nutrients our bodies need when our diets are lacking, our stress levels are high, or our health is compromised.

The WAC is proud to offer both quality and custom nutritional supplement lines.

Recipes for Health

WAC Nutritionist Shana Hopkins shares some delicious recipes that can be incorporated into a healthful menu.

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