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Fit4tLife incorporates scientifically based, individualized exercise prescription, metabolic testing, education and nutrition counseling in a safe, nonintimidating, fully supervised, results-oriented program maximizing health and well-being. The program meets twice a week for eight weeks. (Times vary from session to session.) Participants are assigned to small groups (two to three people) according to their fitness compatibility. This allows a great deal of individual attention. Your fitness level, general health, exercise preferences and any injuries will be considered. Each session will incorporate the following:

  • Resting metabolic rate testing
  • Two metabolic exercise tests
  • Eight-week zone training program
  • Aerobic activities
  • Strength training (free weights, resistance circuit equipment, etc.)
  • Stretching and balance work
  • Education
  • Nutritional guidance (classes and solo)
  • Testing at beginning and end of the program to chart physiological benefits
  • Full access to Fitness Areas for program duration
  • Sessions start monthly; $1,100

Quit Smoking Program

Want to quit smoking but haven’t found the time or a way to fit a program into your schedule? This teleconference program may be the answer. The program has a 95 percent success rate through one year and a 70 percent success rate three to five years out. The beauty of this program is that it comes to your location at a time you choose. Call the Wellness Center for more information.

  • $495

Why Weight?

Why Weight? is an eight-week weight management program that incorporates testing procedures, one-on-one coaching with the nutritionist and your personal exercise coach, and group classes to give you personalized attention to achieve the results you want. At the beginning of the program you undergo body fat testing with a professional-grade analyzer to determine pounds of fat, pounds of lean tissue and percentage of body fat. You also will undergo metabolic testing procedures that determine how many calories your body burns at rest and during exercise. Testing your metabolism will give you an exact idea of where your calories need to be set in your diet for safe but steady fat loss. The metabolic exercise test gives you a cardio zone training program to follow over the eight weeks to improve cardiovascular fitness and target fat burning. Then, meet weekly with your exercise coach for one-on-one resistance training instruction and with the nutritionist for your group nutrition class.

The eight-week program includes:

  • Body fat analysis: three tests total, at week one, week four and week eight
  • Resting metabolic rate test
  • Metabolic exercise test
  • Eight-week zone training program
  • Personalized nutrition consultation
  • One-on-one resistance training coaching
  • Access to fitness areas
  • Group nutrition classes
  • $1,450
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