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Angelia Brigance


Angelia Brigance is a personal coach practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming, has a Master Degree in Counseling, Bachelors in Psychology and an Associate Arts in Development Disabilities and has 20 years of public speaking and training.

She has had the opportunity to be a presenter and trainer in leadership, communication skills, team building, life excellence, psychotropic drugs and behavior, senior life challenges, and dementia care for corporate management teams and their staff, Washington and California State conferences, and small groups.

Her presentations bring energy, laughter and understanding to the participants as they learn to incorporate new skills to meet the challenges they face at work and at home.


    Community/ Common good/ Communication


    Lifestyle/Quality of Life/Transitions

    Personal Development

    Professional Development


  • Are you leading or managing?
      Openness, Performance, accountability and leading with integrity are all explored. How to identify and lead based on an individual personality types or your teams level of cohesiveness. Decision making as a leader.
  • Coaching for Success
      Leadership and communication ski lls are reviewed and attention to how to coach staff for success is focused on. Problem resolution and building a repertoire of new behaviors. How to have courageous conversations.
  • The Foundation of Communication
      How well do people hear you? Learn the types of communication and when and how to use them. Listening and silence as forms of communication. How do paradigms affect communication?
  • Lifestyle changes for Seniors
      As soon as a senior’s independence is challenged you enter into a new world filled with unknown acronyms and the urgent need for decisions. This talk will walk you through the maze of choices and costs associated with each. From home care to nursing homes, durable medical equipment, and what to expect during and after a hospitalization, practical experience and expertise will help you understand the language and know what questions to ask to get the best care for those you love.
  • Daily life with Dementia
      What is dementia? In this talk I review the types of dementia, what to expect, and how to manage the future. We spend time learning how to communicate with the person as dementia progresses and communications skills decline. Real life examples and discussion about what participants are experiencing.
  • How has advertising changed prescription drug use?
      In the early 1980′s, a smart drug company fought to take prescription drugs to the end user – you and I. How has that changed the industry and how has it changed our health.
  • “Fine”, “We’re fine”, “Everything is just fine”
      Heard that before? After 20 years in the senior industry and growing up in an intergenerational family, those words echo in my ears. I heard my grandparents say it to my mother and my mother has said it to me. Unfortunately, in both instances, an event changed “fine” into action. How do you know when to step
      over the threshold and be proactive in your parents care? Where do you start? What are the signs? How do you get past “fine”? Come and learn how to get past polite and into the practical of aging.
  • Conversations within Dementia
      Understand what it is like to have dementia. Learn the 4 paths of communication within dementia that will explain behaviors and beliefs, help with anxious and repetitive questions and requests, and how to bring back memories. This talk will give you practical ways to create conversations and understanding.
  • How to create the outcome you really want
      Learn how to ask the questions of yourself and others that get you the outcome you want. See possibilities from multiple perspectives and be prepared for the unexpected. Get ready to change the way you think and create the success you always wanted.
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