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Dr. Paul Dompé


Dr. Dompé earned his Bachelor of Science in physiological science from University of California at Los Angeles and his Doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastry University. Dr. Dompé is trained as a primary care physician and emphasizes prevention and education. Dr. Dompé uses modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, scientific research, and natural methods to help determine the most appropriate care. Dr. Dompé provides a broad range of health care services, including preventative care, treatment of acute conditions, treatment and management of chronic conditions,
and specializes in treating stress-related disorders (anxiety, panic, PTSD, digestive issues, high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, chronic pain, etc) using biofeedback, nutrition and herbal medicine.
As clinical adjunct faculty supervisor, Dr. Dompé teaches naturopathic medical students counseling
and biofeedback at the Bastry Center for Natural Health.



    Mind Body Fitness



  • Healthy Aging: How to promote vitality and longevity

      Learn what the happiest and longest-living people on Earth are doing to thrive and why it works. Dr. Dompé will explore key concepts in nutrition, physiology, and psychology that promote health and wellness, and prevent disease.

  • Stress Awareness: How stress serves us, how it hurts us, and how to manage it

      Our nervous system has been shaped over tens of thousands of years by an environment very different than the one we are living in today. 99.9 percent of human history has been spent living in close contact with a natural environment. That has changed. Our world has become louder and more crowded. Technology has made it easy for a sustained stream of information to bombard our nervous system. In essence, we are ill-equipped to manage such an over-stimulating world, and the resulting strain is affecting our mind, body, and behavior.

      Learning objective: To gain a better understanding about the physiology of stress, and to learn strategies to prevent it’s ill-effects.

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