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Mary Mitchell teaches individuals to be more professional so they can grow their careers and their organizations. She brings civility to life and life to civility, and has been privileged to live and work on four continents.

Ms. Mitchell established The Mitchell Organization in 1989 as a locus for her growing professional activities as columnist, author, speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach. She is renowned for removing the starch from etiquette, a subject often perceived to be stuffy.

More than 50 major corporate clients have learned and profited from Ms. Mitchell’s cogent observation: “Your company’s competitive advantage is directly related to the social skills of its employees.” As such, her work in the areas of customer and client services has met with acclaim from leading multinational service organizations.

Ms. Mitchell’s seven books, including the bestselling The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Etiquette, have been translated into 9 languages. Ms. Mitchell is a frequent talk show guest and has appeared on Good Morning, America, Today Show, CBS Early Morning, and CNN, among others. Nice Matters, her weekly commentary on manners, ran on the Comcast network for over two years. Her work has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Financial Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Money, and USA Today. Her twice-weekly newspaper column, Ms.Demeanor, ran for a decade in The Philadelphia Inquirer and was syndicated by King Features. She wrote the popular column, Nice Matters, for The Seattle Times for nearly three years. Currently she writes regular columns about modern etiquette for Reuters.com.


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  • Fine Dining for the Professional

      The prospect of a formal meal with full complement offlatware and crystal often strikes tenor in the heru1s of the most accomplished individuals. This program shows you all you need to know so that you feel confident at the most formal of meals. Only then can you relax and enjoy them and your dining companions. Includes table manners for a formal, multi-course meal, seating, dress, roles of host and guest, wine etiquette, conversation skills.

  • Business Dining is Not About the Food

      The nuts and bolts of savvy business dining. You can avoid the unspoken business prejudice against people who do not handle themselves skillfully at a business meal. In addition to table manners, this program includes confidence-building information on roles of guest and host, ordering, tipping, conversation skills, alcohol protocol, and how to recover from gaffes.

  • Schmooze or Lose

      The mindset and mechanics of meeting and greetings, networking. If you are one of the majority of individuals who become anxious at the thought of mingling with a roomful of strangers, this program is for you. In addition to the etiquette of introductions, business cards, engaging and disengaging from conversations, you will learn how to sail through embarrassing moments such as forgetting names. Introverts will learn valuable tips on how to survive parties and to make the most of the opportunities they present.

  • East v. West

      Cultural differences on both coasts, and the etiquette required. Have you ever wondered how different life and work are in Manhattan and other East coast cities? East coast transplant Mary Mitchell will share her journey with you through anecdotes, cartoons, common sense, and compassion.

  • Class Act Essentials

      A Class Act is much more than someone who knows which fork to use and other business etiquette mechanics. Going beyond the basics of etiquette, this program illustrates essential leadership attitudes, and focuses on how to determine what’s truly appropriate, which might well lie somewhere in between what’s correct and incorrect.

  • Slipping In Your Stilettos

      Self-sabotaging behaviors most women demonstrate. This program illustrates, with humor and humility, the behavioral stumbling blocks women seldom realize, and how to get past them with grace, confidence, and motivation.

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