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Robert Simon Siegel, MS is a wellness innovator, trainer and developer of The Refresh Buttontm method – how to eliminate stress damage and simultaneously produce optimal health with top performance. Robert founded the Global Optimal Health Group as a training company that helps companies lower healthcare costs, transform health into a productivity driver and translate physiology into financial savings. The Refresh Buttontm Trainings provide a new breed of health-producing skills that prevent 60-90 percent of primary care doctor visits and decrease absenteeism by 50 percent. Robert’s passion is helping people gain more vibrant health without medications by using lifelong skills to better operate body, mind, focus and energy. He coaches executives and individuals with stress-related conditions like hypertension, anxiety and insomnia.

Selected to speak at the National Wellness Conference in 2010 and 2008, Robert is nationally known author of Six Seconds To True Calm: Thriving Skills For 21st Century Living. Psychophysiologist, stress specialist, seminar leader and qigong instructor with over 20 years clinical experience in hospitals, medical centers and corporations, Robert’s clients include Chevron USA, NBC, Port of Seattle Police Dept., Providence Health System, Pritikin Longevity Center, King County and TRW. He has appeared on CBS-TV Up to the Minute, FOX-TV Good Day New York and been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Mademoiselle, Savvy and Fit.


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  • ENERGY HEALTH—Wellness Source & The Refreshing Stress Remedy

    (Three skills trainings of three hours each, 30 people max)

      Experience next generation wellness with life’s top three tools that produce new vibrant levels of body, mind and energy health. For immediate professional use, these science-based, clinically developed skills effectively eliminate personal stress damage, which prevents this costly source of over 60% of doctor visits. These hands-on skill trainings give your staff unique new tools to focus powerfully, create solutions and communicate positively. Your organization thrives with change.

  • Dynamic Calm

      The Body Health Key. De-stress within six seconds for life, today’s essential tool for optimal health and wellness all day. Enjoy greater focus, relaxed readiness, presence of mind and calm emotions all day with these results: freedom from anxiety, lower blood pressure, refreshing sleep and slower aging. Virtually all stress-related symptoms can be prevented via these skills, greatly reducing the need for medications.

  • Genius Focus

      The Mind Health Key. Transform workplace stress, personal problems and life challenges into effective solutions with the mental patterns of positive communications that also generate optimal psychological health. This skill set applies the key focus utilized by visionaries, innovators and artists to create solutions (not solve problems). Continuous improvements to work and life result.

  • Energizing

      The Energy Health Key. This skill set activates the brain
      to produce vibrant awareness, increased biological energy, strengthened adrenal glands and healthier lungs. People learn unique tools from multicultural wisdom traditions with recent scientific research from bio-physics and telecommunications technology.

  • Optimal Health Lunch N’Learn Series

    (Ten mini-trainings of 60 minutes each)

      Rapid Calm: The De-Stressing Key for Healthy, Focused Performance
      Today’s single most important health skill is the ability to immediately de-stress and feel healthy calm in seconds. Rapidly resetting the sympathetic nervous system to calm is essential. It prevents adrenal gland stress dam age and restores healthier function to internal organs. You can enjoy Rapid Calm while working, driving, walking & talking to multi-task for optimal health.

      Presence of Mind: The Key to Mental Clarity, Strong Focus & Creativity
      Streamlined thinking, effective decision-making, sharper memory and enhanced awareness all improve with the ability to focus fully in the present.

      Thriving Solutions Focus: The “Genius” Focus for Innovation & Improving Life
      Artists, innovators & visionaries use a special focus to access their genius. The stressful challenges of constant change now require creative innovation as a basic ability.

      Relaxed Readiness: The Mobility Key for Healthy Skeletal Muscles & Flexibility
      Relaxed muscles help nutrient rich blood and oxygen fuel the brain and nourish internal organs. Relaxation greatly improves reaction time. Tense, contracted muscles can block circulation and weaken concentration, causing tension headaches and discomfort.

      Energy Health: The Key to Feeling Really Good
      Abundant, positive life force is a priceless treasure. Healthier ways to energize have valuable benefits, and don’t damage adrenal glands with caffeine and sugar rushes.

      Energy Field Strength: Chinese Qigong Keys to Protect, Cleanse & Vitalize Your Bio-Energetic field
      Missing from Western medicine are practical tools to prevent illness and strengthen immune system energetically. Gain a fascinating science-based understanding of biological energy and its importance for immune strength.

      Healthy Joints, Agile Mind: Keys to Be Flexible & Keep Moving
      Often overlooked in Western fitness are tools to help loosen and strengthen your joints, the supportive tissue that connect bones and muscles. Easy and quick to do, these circular motions are used traditionally as warm-up for Chinese martial arts. Different from stretching, they are especially beneficial before exercising of any kind. You feel refreshed immediately!

      Healthy Lungs, Vibrant Mind: The Longevity Key for Oxygen Bio-Fuel
      Oxygen is your body’s main fuel. By breathing increased oxygen into your lungs with this tool, you can dramatically increase your sense of mental aliveness, alertness & awareness.

      Brain Energy: Qigong Key to Energize Your Mind
      You can tum on your brain with life energy (“qi”) and feel the benefits of mental vitality, increased clarity and improved perception. Science may eventually prove this rare knowledge to be as valuable as its 5,000 year old Chinese tradition states.

      Wise Stress: The Decoding Key to Gain Emotion’s Gifts
      Emotions have amazing wisdom and purpose. They help us enjoy life and can guide us to make better choices in all areas of our lives. But too often our stress emotions of anger and fear rule us and diminish our quality of life. Too often we react when other people trigger our stress emotions. Healthy success in today’ s chaotic times requires emotional clarity.

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