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Shana Hopkins, MS, CN


Shana Hopkins MS, CN, has served as the WAC’s nutritionist since 1999, where she has taught and empowered members to make smart choices, lose weight and get healthy. Shana holds her master’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr University and completed her graduate work through Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Women’s Health Initiative.

At the WAC, Shana counsels members on dietary change and makes supplement suggestions that will assist them in achieving their health goals. Her primary focus is helping her clients achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss while overcoming barriers of metabolic resistance. She also facilitates group nutrition programs, including the popular Why Weight? and Detox and Cleanse programs. Shana believes in coaching clients to make gradual changes over time so that new ways of eating become lifelong habits. To top it off, she is one nutritionist who won’t take the pleasure out of eating!



    Lifestyle/Quality of Life/Transitions



  • Healthy Eating in the Workplace

      Does the workplace environment challenge your ability to maintain a healthy diet? Do you find yourself starting the day with a double latte and muffin, only to graze on sugary foods to get you to 5pm? This class will give you real-life tips on how to start your day off the right way, without putting a demand on your time. You will be presented with easy but healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas that you can easily incorporate into your already hectic schedule. We will also talk about tips for ordering out. This is a class not to miss!

  • Seven Dietary Steps to Renew Your Body and Increase Energy

      The class will show you seven simple, yet important dietary tools you can implement into your diet tomorrow, that will increase health, energy and your vibrancy. You will leave the class understanding which foods support your health, and which foods take away from your health, and how to be a diet detective by reading labels correctly and eliminating foods that rob your body of vital nutrients. You are encouraged to bring a diet diary, you have previously kept, so as we go through the class, you can target in on the areas in your diet you need to work on. Lastly, we will review eating ideas, snack ideas, and grocery lists that give you the tools to leave and get started the next day.

  • Optimal Nutrition for Peak Performance

      Food fuels us, but it also gives our bodies the information it needs to properly function. Learn what foods will improve your physical and mental functioning so that your can perform your best under strenuous work conditions or at play. You will also understand how the timing of meals, as well as the proper dietary proteins and carbohydrates can improve your alertness, energy, and assist in fat loss. Leave with quick meal and snack ideas so you can be at your best 24/7.

  • Diabetes—Nutritional Tools for Prevention

      While approximately 7.8% of US adults have diabetes, over 26% of US adults have pre-diabetes and are at risk for developing the disease. This means that 34% of US adults have blood sugar imbalances. Diet has a huge effect on whether pre-diabetes progresses into diabetes. In this class you will learn what the red flags are for pre-diabetes and what parameters you need to keep in check to prevent this disease. You will also learn what kinds of foods, and nutrients are essential for prevention, with a specific focus on good carbs/bad carbs. We will also talk about body composition, and what your fat stores say about your risk level. You will leave this class with healthy but useful tools you can implement tomorrow for prevention.

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