Wellness is a mindset

Practice happiness. Prevent illness. Prolong life.

WAC Wellness Center

A special synergy exists between mind, body and spirit. When all parts engage, you reap the rewards. You get healthier.

Wellness Center Hours & Contacts

Monday–Thursday: 8 am–5 pm
Friday: 8 am–3 pm

WAC Wellness Center
4th Floor

Athletics & Wellness Wellness Happy Hour
Wellness for your body & soul. Every Thursday during May. 4:30–6 pm on the 4th Floor. Join the fun and find the boost of energy (or dose of relaxation) you’ve been seeking. The Wellness Center …
Athletics & Wellness Nutrition: Mindful Eating
Five tips for how to control your appetite. Appetite and hunger are mainly controlled by the hormones leptin and ghrelin. By sending signals to the brain, leptin and ghrelin tell the body and mind that you …

Featured Wellness Programs

Keeping a busy life in balance takes a concerted effort. We’re here to help. You’ll find everything from preventive health screenings and nutrition services, to physical therapy and programs to aid with stress, sleep, vitality and more.

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